Many of us desire to live a healthy lifestyle so that we can feel good about ourselves and live with a greater sense of purpose and confidence. To truly live a healthier lifestyle, it’s important to pace ourselves.

Our desire for change is often a reaction to the grief we feel from realizing the depths of our unhealthy habits. Once we see the negative effects our actions, we spring into drastic action.

It’s not that the actions we take to remediate our problems are bad, it’s just that they are often not sustainable for the long haul. We desire long term change and we often times try to meet that desire with short term efforts.

Instead, it’s important to pace ourselves and make challenging, yet attainable and sustainable goals each day. This will lead to the long term change that we desire, and ultimately the boosted self-esteem that we want.

There are many different paths we can take to live healthier lives, but start off by implementing one a day. One thing I suggest is to swap unhealthy beverage intake that’s riddled with processed sugars and unnecessary additive with beverages that will heal your body and supply you with healthy fuel to help your body feel better.

Drinking adequate water is key, and so is consuming foods that will help your body detox from harmful toxins that bog you down and add unnecessary stress to your body.

This is where drinking a cup of matcha tea a day can truly help you. Among other benefits, matcha is a great source of chlorophyll, and each cup consumed is like a mini-detox cleanse.

This is because its rich chlorophyll properties promote the production of liver enzymes that aid the body’s natural elimination process. These enzymes bind to unwanted materials in the liver and transport them safely out of your body. Here’s a few other positive benefits from matcha’s chlorophyll properties:

1. It is able to increase the blood's ability to carry oxygen to different cells, therefore improving overall well-being. 

2. Part of the chlorophyll does not get absorbed into the body and instead travels through the digestive tract. There, it's able to balance gut fluids and support a healthy metabolism. This makes you feel fuller, thus preventing overeating.

3. Chlorophyll has been linked to preventing colon cancer.

You can easily up your chlorophyll intake by consuming more green, leafy vegetables, and by drinking a cup of matcha green tea each morning to get your day started. No need to be intimidated by matcha preparation, it’s as easy as blending 1/2 tsp of matcha powder with 8oz water in a blender, shaker bottle, with a matcha whisk, or with an electric frother.