Traditional Matcha Preparation

Partake in the traditional preparation of matcha tea at home with our complete matcha preparation set. Follow the steps below to brew the perfect cup!

Scoop 1/2 tsp of matcha powder into your Chawan (matcha bowl). For best results, sift your matcha to break up any clumps in your powder. This will provide you with the best results.
Pour 2-3oz hot water (no hotter than 175°F) into your bowl.
Using your Chasen (bamboo whisk), whisk your matcha fairly vigorously in a Z or M motion. This will help your fully whisk and aerate your matcha. You can tell you’re doing it well as you notice the tea begin to froth up.
At this point, you an chose to drink it as is, or add more water as desired. Or, you can add steamed milk if you choose to make it a latte.